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For example, French has mon, ma, mes, respectively the masculine singular, feminine singular and plural forms corresponding to the English my, as well as the various possessive pronoun forms le mien, la mienne, les mien ne s corresponding to English mine. Cheers and so glad you gave us the examples.. The possessor noun can carry an additional dative marker, in which case an article appears before the noun. See English determiners for more details. Thanks for the update. Delena Silverfox Coupon Codes March 5, at 3:

Possessive wife

In particular, in English, as noted above, the -'s can attach to noun phrases even when they do not end with their head noun, as in the king of Spain's, which is not typical behavior for a case ending. Jesus' is also correct. Despite increased government spending, and an increase in education and charitable groups that help the orphans, there is still a Child-Headed Household formed every 15 seconds. Susan Deborah March 5, at Possessive determiners can nonetheless be combined with certain quantifiers, as in my six hats which differs in meaning from six of my hats. Substantival possessive pronouns are used on their own and cannot be used to describe a noun, playing the role of noun phrases , so mine may stand for "my cat", "my sister", "my things", etc. In Hungarian this affix can also be used when the possessor is represented by a full noun, as described in the next section. In the case of plural nouns ending in -s, the possessive is spelled by only adding an apostrophe and is pronounced the same. Since personal pronouns may also agree in number and gender with their own antecedent or referent , the possessive forms may consequently show agreement with either the "possessor" or the "possessed", or both. Being a student and teacher of English, I have observed that most people are not quite sure about their apostrophe use. Some languages, such as the Cariban languages , can be said to have a possessed case to indicate the other party the thing possessed in a possession relationship. While for most authors the term possessive pronoun is reserved as in this article for possessives like mine and yours which do not qualify an explicit noun, [7] [8] the term is sometimes taken also to include other possessive forms that correspond to pronouns, even though they behave as determiners, qualifying a noun, such as my and your. A more commonly -used term in describing the grammar of various languages is genitive case , but that usually denotes a case with a broader range of functions than just producing possessive forms. For example, the pronoun I has possessive determiner my and possessive pronoun mine; you has your and yours; he has his for both; she has her and hers; it has its for both though rarely used as a possessive pronoun ; we has our and ours; they has their and theirs. Then of course, we would both be making more funds, which would improve so many spirits and we could purchase spirits with which to celebrate. Glad to hear this will be of use to your wife. This is not the case in all languages; for example in Italian the possessive is usually preceded by another determiner such as an article, as in la mia macchina "my car", literally "the my car" or quel tuo libro "that book of yours", literally "that your book". Hence the verb meaning "to use 'thou' to a person" midc. Sometimes you guess wrong. Hilary March 5, at Loving Healing Press Inc. Also, the first set may be called adjectival and the second set substantival possessive pronouns. Or maybe was never taught those. Scientific terminology, in particular the Latin names for stars, uses the Latin genitive form of the name of the constellation; thus, Alpha Centauri , where Centauri is the genitive of constellation name Centaurus. From pronouns[ edit ] It is common for languages to have independent possessive determiners adjectives and possessive pronouns corresponding to the personal pronouns of the language.

Possessive wife

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