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Other exceptions are when meeting and greeting much older women who might not understand the evolution in etiquette, and with Muslim women who often consider it improper for a man to touch a woman at all. Please enter a valid email address Subscribe. Pound Hug — This type of hug is almost always performed between two males and is a combination between a handshake and a one-armed hug. And the longer you go without saying something, the worse it will get. Most women have an inkling about whether they are an introvert or extrovert, but sometimes they get confused.

Proper hug etiquette

The duration of the hug tends to last a little longer than the standard hug, as well. One exception is when interacting with Europeans, where a man, even in a business situation, does not extend his hand first. The hug that takes place between women may also involve a kiss on the cheek and increased touching after the hug takes place. For more etiquette tips, visit Jacqueline Whitmore's blog or "like" her Facebook page. Before you go in for the big hug, consider the following seven tips. The duration of the hug, as well as the physical proximity of the two people involved determines the depth of the relationship. Let me shake your hand! That includes patting on the back or putting your arm around someone. A hug is not necessary if you see someone on a regular basis. A hug and an air kiss may be in order if you haven't seen a co-worker or client for an extended period of time or if you are at a holiday party. Even worse, it seems taboo to inquire about them. Side-to-Side Hug —Two people stand next to one another, embracing around the waist or shoulders. This is the standard and most common type of non-intimate hug, usually lasting just a few seconds. Longer hugs have a certain connotation and could have negative repercussions if a co-worker's spouse or significant other is present. Contrarily, a lack of hugs and other forms of physical affection can diminish the quality of romantic relationships and make some people experience increased emotional stress. The hand hug is also the most appropriate form of affection in the workplace, used to congratulate or greet someone. This hug is referred to as the dancefloor hug because this hug is usually performed while dancing. Usually, like a kiss, you can tell from a person's body language if they are willing to receive a hug or not. Thanks for signing up for our newsletter! When in doubt, leave it out. This is the first post written from one of them. And other greeting customs. Use the following guide to discover common hugging techniques and etiquette, and learn the difference between the way males and females hug. Thank you for your great column recommendations! Be eager to extend your hand to welcome strangers, friends, acquaintances, and business associates. Please enter a valid email address Subscribe. I greatly appreciate your time and the fact that you allow me to be your Manners Mentor!

Proper hug etiquette

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Hug A Girl

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Cuddling can involve stroking or caressing and is distinctive because of the duration of the hug. Hugging Between Men and Women Hugging between men and women can signify attraction or friendship, depending on the duration and type of hug.

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