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You are funny and interesting. Women Love Sex Ever watch a woman scream in ecstasy when she has an orgasm? You flit from one subject to another, you go back on a subject, do not stay too long on the same. Others depend on your reality. Moreover, you are very demanding concerning the qualities of a woman. You do not push the others down Pushing down the others shows your own insecurities.

Pua mindset

This is something you really have to come to terms with. You go in for sport. You can speak about everything and anything. On the approach your state or mindset should be all emotional, but right before the approach, you are in the logical state. It is btw intelligent to always have a B plan in the life. At least you will have tried like a virile man who does not apologize for his desires. Do not only read what follows, but live it and feel it in your own skin. All women are attracted to men. Because you are interesting and reassuring, people will like being lead by you. These people would put a spoke in your wheel eh yes people can sometimes be very disappointing! On the contrary, because your reality is strong, you are not affected by the perceptions of the others and you can impose your vision of the world. Same thing, do not criticize people in their back. She will do the same. Do not take either the life or the women too seriously Do not perceive them all as potential girlfriends because you would give them too much importance. When you set your eyes on her you get into the nervous mode because you know you are going to go talk to her. Thus, do not put into words your qualities… Rather let the women discover them. To make her healthily jealous, do not say it but suggest it! The same goes for approachign women. You are not doing anything wrong by pursuing a sexual relationship with a woman. Others depend on your reality. Anyway, in our countries, the women want, generally, not taking the initiative for sex. You will put things in perspective. Make the women wet by the strength of your spirit: I got punished for taking too long to sleep with girl 1. You flit from one subject to another, you go back on a subject, do not stay too long on the same.

Pua mindset

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What if I DON'T Want Lots of Sex?! - PUA Mindset with Steve Pavlina

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Have you ever noticed that social people are seldom being bored at their house alone? And do not forget that a woman who pays drinks to spend time with you, invests in you, and will thus more be able to wait for a return on investment orgasms.

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