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Chicken, shrimp or craw fish in a creamy sauce with garlic buttered toast. Le First Chomp Dandy appetizers or a meal for cheap people!. Over all great service and great place to eat, we'll be back. They have Cajun music playing all the time and it is good to listen too. I told her that I no longer wanted the entree, she said "ok" and the rolled her eyes and walked away. It was also very good and a whole lot of food.

Razoos concord nc

Life's Li'l Extras' Where mainly- we make a li'l extra!. The people are really friendly and we have being going there for years. Terrible Service Today was my very first time dining here and it will definitely be my last. Po' Boys Your choice authentic Cajun sandwich on a toasted french roll with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. You choose shrimpies or blackened chicken and we'll do it up right with penne, veggies and our creole cream sauce. She seemed to be very annoyed by the questions I was asking about the menu. That's a big lie judging by the other negative reviews coming from people who had the same experience. Aey we know you ain't got no money for our snazzy lunch stuff so we're cuttin' you sum slack-eat good and cheap so you can face dinner at the in-law's tonight -or tv dinner. Earl's Lunch Trailer Cheap dealz d'jour - smaller portions of your favs!! I ordered a Dr. The last visit we had the JAWs meal see picture for all three of us to share. As soon as the server went to the back to get the manager, my server came rushing out with my entree. The restaurant was pretty much empty except for a few people sitting at the bar, myself, and a couple of other tables. It was also very good and a whole lot of food. All with three great sauces. I never got a drink refill and she never even looked in my direction. Over all great service and great place to eat, we'll be back. They have Cajun music playing all the time and it is good to listen too. Cajun Combo Skillet You can taste it all!!. Pepper to drink, the gator tail appetizer, and some kind of sampler for my entree. Rabbit Food This is about as close as we get to "health". Cajun fried boudin balls with a zippy dip. With seasoned fries, buttery corn-on-the-cob, jalapeno pups and dippin sauce - yum-mo!. Jaws Seafood Platter For 4 reg. I watched her stand behind the bar and chat with other servers and I watched her check on every other table around me but she completely ignored me and all of my attempts to get her attention.

Razoos concord nc

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We ate individual meals the first visit, because I was concerned it may be too spicy for my son

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