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Thank you Newton, for your incredible friendship and for your excellent care and presentation of Charlie. Lainey is an excellent mother, giving us big healthy kittens. Thank you Newton, for taking such good care of our girl, and presenting her so well! We haven't had a blue in years, so we are excited about the possibilities. We can't wait for his show career as an adult! It gives us great joy to share this magnificent breed with you!

Rumford maine coons

Here is one of the girls, pictured at 3 weeks. He's big with exceptional boning, and did I mention he has an incredible purrsonality? We can't wait to see what wonderful babies she will produce! Ginger has done an amazing job presenting Sniper, and we are proud of both of them, and grateful for her friendship. We went to see board certified veterinary cardiologist Dr. After a short break we are happy to be back out there. We are hoping for a really spectacular girl so we can retire Gaia but keep her wonderful attributes in our breeding program. Not to be outdone, four month old Woodpile Quicksilver Max was the best Maine Coon kitten in show with 9 finals, including two Best Kitten awards! Mamas and babies are doing great! This gives her 3 out of 4 shows where she has been honored as Best Kitten. Many many thanks to her breeder, Brigitta Majorne Hajdu for entrusting us with this incredible kitten! We are very proud of Dancer. Way to start your show career Scarlett! I guess we'll be keeping her after all. We are very proud of handsome young Charlie, and wish him and Newton much future success! MoJo became a TGC at his very first adult show at just over 8 months of age and ended up 3rd Best Cat in show, earning 12 finals! Baby Dancer now Ch. Thank you Newton, for your incredible friendship and for your excellent care and presentation of Charlie. Mojo earned his supreme at barely nine months of age with multiple best cats in only three shows! We find ourselves with so very much for which to be thankful! Dixie is the third of Jazz's last litter of five to grand, and is grand 7 for four year old Jazz. He is lacking only a few points for his Supreme Grand Champion title. Now 10 weeks we are not looking forward to any of them leaving for their new homes. We have had several more Supreme Grand Champions bearing the Woodpile name, as well as a couple of very nice litters. All in all, a very good weekend for the Woodpile Clan. Thanks to judge Harley DeVilbiss for recognizing Henry's outstanding quality!

Rumford maine coons

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Our beautiful Maines are heart healthy and happy, echoed by Dr.

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