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His father, the late Col. New Ulm Enterprise, March 16, He was preceded in death by his parents and son, William R. Burial followed in the Kaiser Cemetery in the Brushy Community. He was in the city a few days before he was taken ill, and seemed in the best of health. Abell was born in North Carolina , and at an early age emigrated to Tennessee, thence to Texas in She was born and lived all her life in the home in which she died. Lifetime member of the Disabled Veterans Auxiliary, Teacher of piano, tap dancing and voice in Weimar, Schulenburg and Garwood for many years. The loss to the widow and orphans is irreparable.

Shirley hemphill nose

After two years he returned to Weimar and was re-employed by the First State Bank, where he was employed for the next 37 years until the time of his death. On Thursday he ate a hearty dinner at Garwood and starter horseback to Matthews. Abell at Garwood at 9: Abell was a lady in whom centered all the virtues essential to the formation of a happy home and deep and lasting friendships. The mother of the girl is still under quarantine, but, as she has been vaccinated, it is probable that she will only have a mild case of varioloid Weimar Mercury, February 21, One of the negro women who had been attending the smallpox case in this city a week or two ago, skipped out for San Antonio Wednesday night of last week. Graveside services were conducted by the VFW members. Able, wife of R. Bridge died in , and the subject of this sketch was married to Mr. He died in an El Campo hospital at She played piano and sang in all these bands. He was taken on Sunday from Matthews to the home of his son at Garwood, where his death resulted on Tuesday night. Abell died of Pneumonia at Garwood on Tuesday night. She was preceded in death by her parents; and brothers, Ewald, Elo and Elmo Lilie. The city council should have this matter investigated, for if it is true, we are likely to have smallpox spread all over our fair city. Abell was one of the oldest citizens of the Garwood community, having been born and raised in that section, and spent practically all of his life in that neighborhood. In he entered the military service as a member of the th Corp of Engineers and received his honorable discharge in October, He was a farmer and rancher all his life. The deceased was married to Anna Kuykendall in June, , who, with two children, survives him. About 5 months later they joined Lee Prause Orchestra cause he was playing more dances and making more money. The funeral took place at half past 2: She was a member of St. Gregory O'Connor, main celebrant, Weimar; Fr. He attended grammar school at Dubina and Sedan. Burial followed in the Kaiser Cemetery in the Brushy Community. Michaels Parish Board and as a lector and extraordinary minister of the Eucharist.

Shirley hemphill nose

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Abell rode horseback all day, and during that time remarked to his companions that he never felt better in his life than he was feeling then.

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