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I love how this one came together! If you missed any of the posts or projects for our kitchen makeover, you can check out all of them from the very beginning: I can bleach all of our linens in hot water and keep them smelling fresh. A lot of leftovers really ended up in here by accident. And here it is all finished! Since we have no windows in our kitchen, painting the cabinets white was sort of a no-brainer.


In case you need a refresher, this is what our kitchen looked like the day we moved in in December along with my mother-in-law, Barb, there. Still, we managed to pack in a big transformation for a fairly small price tag. You can see the rest of our room reveals here. I actually enjoy washing dishes now. I hung up that ruffled shower curtain that I once used a few years ago as a photography backdrop when Olivia was a baby. This spot beside our fridge is great for setting up our drink station. You can see all about that in this post. And of course, my husband got up like a zombie, even though he went to sleep a long time before that. White just feels clean to me. Since my cupcakes mania began with the blog Cupcakes Garden, every time when I got something out my cupcakes pan, the result was always cupcakes, not muffins! I have a tendency to string you guys along through every room makeover it seems. And it ties in well with our chalkboard that we also framed using reclaimed wood from our scrap pile. I proposed to my husband. In the time when I made them often, on my repertoire were usually beautiful chocolate muffins, but since my blog is full of chocolate desserts, I decided to play around a little with some other flavors. We were okay with waiting a couple of years to tackle this one because we knew it would be the most expensive if we wanted it done the way we wanted. Even our cabinet paint was reused from a leftover quart. Still, it needed something besides the bare minimum we had going on in here. Once they were up, I stained them with a coat of Minwax Walnut, went crazy with the mouse sander to rough them up, and sealed them with a matte polyurethane. And here it is all finished! I get too tempted to venture to the home side of the store. For some of the small decor items, I was lucky enough to find some great thrifted pieces like this food scale that actually works! I can bleach all of our linens in hot water and keep them smelling fresh. Until a year ago, you could not imagine my kitchen without the smell of muffins. Baking parties with Olivia are way more fun in here now… even though I totally cheated and bought this one at the grocery store. How is that possible?


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Shonee Kapoor explaining CrPC 125 Part 1

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