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The shield of the old Slav divinity Prono was decorated with thirteen white points. Ten years later, having learned a few things about the transmission, corruption, and restoration of the New Testament, I can slowly laugh at myself. The thirteen gates of the human body of the woman: In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Can I also suggest some more facilities? All characters and incidents written in the blog are real The thirteen cords of the harp in Japan. I have personally seen people testify of fasting for prolonged periods of time, to wage war with demons.


It symbolizes the death to the matter or to oneself and the birth to the spirit: What saved him from the death, it is that he turned the head to look an engraving of Our-Lady of Fatima at the same moment where the ball of the gunner passed. Right, and what is judaism itself? I am a JEW. They never see again the ship and the crew. We are divine gods on this planet. Some have even spoken of a possible medical condition where a person experiences so much stress that they sweat blood. God being indeed rested the seventh day of the Creation, first Saturday Sabbath of the Jews was this day. The bible is the inspired word of Jehovah Jehovah is the only true God Jesus-Christ is the fathered unique son of God Satan is the "chief of this world" The Kingdom of Jehovah and the Christ will replace all human governments and will be the only government of all the humanity Since we live the "time of the end" A only path leads to God, all the other religions are not approved by Jehovah The death is a consequence of the sin of Adam Only go to the sky The others will live eternally on the earth under the Kingdom of Jehovah Respect the authority of this world, if they don't hinder their works Refuse the blood: The words sickness, tear, dragon and the term "Son of God" are used 13 times in the NT. There is really one simple key to understanding jewish behavior, and the problem that this jewish infestation poses to our people, as I will explain shortly. We stayed at my grandparents' house last summer. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. They are in red in the subtitles. So I looked up some natural recipes such as tea tree oil but that made things bad down there as well as I would put a little bit on my flannel and wash down there at first it kinda helped but it made me smell fishy sometimes. If you pay attention to the details I point out in my lunatic ramblings, you will see that I am giving you the key to being able to feed yourself with the knowledge you need. In the visions of Maria Valtorta, Jesus speaks about the thirteen veins of the humanity by which are distributed the divine graces, first by Himself, and then by His 12 apostles, choose by Him to represent the whole humanity and in which all the humanity is gathered in His 12 apostles. Prathi shot ki prathi dialogue ki chevulu pagilipoye antha shocking sound merupulu , aa taruvatha aa scene lo face paina oka meter mandamga make up kottukochina prathi face ni close up lo thippi thippi chupinchatam baga bhayapettedi. The fortune teller on the other hand predicts better the future on Friday For believer, Friday 13 of the month of nisan is the day where the Christ is dead on the Cross; it is also a Friday 13, day placed under the sign of Venus, that Eve, tempted by the demon, made eat an apple to Adam, what entailed their expulsion of the terrestrial Paradise. Thus, to maintain the correspondence between the month of Pescha and the beginning of the spring, they had to introduce all the three years approximately a thirteenth month into the year. Look at the table below. And so on until the thirteenth dimension, which is the dimension of the portal, which is the Dimension of the Christ. If we take it as prime number, it is maleficent. The 13th glorious mystery of the Saint Rosary refers directly to Pentecost.


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The thirteen sons of David which were born when he was to Jerusalem.

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