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In fact, when I board a taxi, the passenger seat in front has to be adjusted all the way to the back for me to be able to fit in. But she coped well. She already had fractures in her spine and has been unable to stand up straight for years — and doctors in India believed if left untreated her increasing weight would cause her back to snap. I am looking for an average woman. Even though he had the requisite qualification and credentials required by most employers, he soon discovered that making headway was much difficult than he thought. People treated me so well and were always ready to assist me in every way while I was there.

The tallest woman in nigeria

They think I possess special powers. As a matter of fact, I am not looking for a tall woman. All of a sudden, they brought out money from their apartments. Apart from spending large chunks of money to hire a taxi to find his way around town, he also requires specialists to get something to wear. They come around me and want to make friends with me. Like the two men, year-old Kelechi Omai is yet another person whose excessive height has allowed him to experience life from different angles. For example, year-old Mubarak Bakre, a native of Oyo State, has become a known face in most parts of Lagos and the country today due to his amazing height. In fact, when I board a taxi, the passenger seat in front has to be adjusted all the way to the back for me to be able to fit in. People love and treat me with respect which I appreciate so much. Pausing intermittently to catch his breath, Afeez Agoro, a native of Abeokuta, Ogun State, managed to get himself out almost two minutes after he stood up from a chair he had sat on close to the door. But she coped well. But the problem kept recurring. It was an issue of concern for everyone close to me. Interestingly, Agoro is not the only tall man in Nigeria whose height has become both a blessing and something of a curse too, he merely adds to a growing list in this category that has had their lives transformed as a result of this striking physical feature. An old teacher from her area is the only one she communicates with. I got the visa and spent six interesting months in the US which is one of the most memorable periods of my life. Gigantism sufferer Siddiqa Parveen, pictured with her parents, from south Dinajpur, West Bengal, is estimated to be 7ft 8in tall as a result of a tumour on the pituary gland Siddiqa suffered from gigantism brought on by the tumour, which was located on the pituitary gland, causing it to produce excess growth hormone. Read the Daily Mail report below: Even though movement from one place to another through public transportation is much easier for him, it comes with a few conditions as well. Staff at the Delhi hospital where Siddiqa is recovering have had to lengthen her bed with trolley Going the distance: Born and raised in Ilorin, Kwara State, the graduate of Accounting from Al-Hikmah University also in the city, has learnt to live with his unusual tallness and the pains and gains it brings along. They said that if they gave me the job, I could use my size and height to intimidate them. About 24 years later, Agoro has surpassed any initial predictions or even projections made on him. And as part of those blessings, Bakre has had to contend with a flurry of attention from women of all ages and sizes wanting him around them since arriving Lagos and becoming a noticeable figure wherever he goes. Despite the fact that his paternal and maternal grandfathers were both very tall people, it was not until he became 19 that noticeable differences began to emerge in him. Common symptoms include very large hands and feet, thick toes and fingers, a prominent jaw and forehead, coarse facial features. Also, some parts of the body may be larger in proportion to other parts.

The tallest woman in nigeria

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Meet the tallest woman in Kogi State

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Apart from spending large chunks of money to hire a taxi to find his way around town, he also requires specialists to get something to wear.

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