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Helena adopts the Huntress identity after accidentally arriving on Prime Earth through a Boom Tube, after the death of both her parents. Her crimes were benign, unlike other Batman villains in Gotham City. She returns to the U. Catgirl Kitrina Falcone — Catgirl is Catwoman's sidekick. Valley defeated Bane, but grew increasingly paranoid and violent.


In its final appearance, it creates a duplicate of Batman. David is played by Mark Kazim. It was destroyed by the efforts of Batman and Batgirl. Lynx does not appear in the New Cheyenne Freemont — A fashion designer and daughter of two metahumans, she is reluctant to use her abilities as her parents were run out of town for using theirs. Clair to destroy the organization and kill his doubles. In Detective Comics issue , Clayface was killed by Batwoman. Mark Shaw was a human infiltrator for the Manhunters that would later distance himself from the group and become the super-villain Star-Tsar, infiltrating the Justice League as the Privateer. Kirk would add Batman to this group before his demise in his mission, the remaining trio continuing his work posthumously. The country can no longer afford to continue to refine Rescued from the slaughterhouse during one of Batman's raids on Leviathan, it was taken as a pet by Robin , Damian Wayne. She became Spoiler again and went after Black Mask. In it, he was a corporate saboteur hired by Poison Ivy then known as Pamela Isley to destroy a chemical processing plant. The group disbanded and is inactive following a severe falling out between Canary and Batgirl in Birds of Prey Vol. She is now trying to get Kate to reconcile with her uncle, Kate's father. After his family is threatened and moved into witness protection, he is adopted as Bruce Wayne's son, becomes the third Robin, and later becomes the hero known as "Red Robin". Toyman Hiro Okamura — A year-old genius from Japan. Bluebird Harper Row — A young, punky Gotham City electrical engineer who wants to assist Batman in repayment for protecting her brother and her from an assault, much to Batman's frustration. The inner turmoil created by the situation forced Two-Face out of his psyche once again, and he is seen re-scarring his face with a scalpel and acid. The grief allowed him to rewind all the way back to his original crime; he decided against it, resulting in a new present day where he and his son are fixing clocks together. In the following issue, Creeper is seen bonding to Jack Ryder's dead body. He later gets murdered by the Joker. The entire Stormwatch then battles Etrigan but even after being defeated, he is able to possess a host and flees. In the series' denouement, she and former supervillain friend Harley Quinn return to civilian life in Gotham, together but later Holly decides to begin a new life elsewhere on her own with money she received after helping Selina steal Tommy Elliot's fortune. Six months later, he was resurrected in a damaged state after Talia al Ghul tossed him in the Lazarus Pit which healed him completely. David Ali, of no fixed place They are presented to be the silent henchwomen for the Penguin.


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When confronted by Batman, Dent blows up his apartment. Occasionally, has been aided by Batman himself.

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