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He could typically be affectionate, loyal and fit well into his roles of a loving husband and father, but may not take his career goals seriously. I needed to live in sin, to cram three people into a one-bedroom, to finally sit down in an apartment by myself with a meal for one and Hulu. Economically, marriage makes a lot of sense. If you like this article, please share it! Can a relationship like that work?

Unambitious husband

Focus on the positive: However, what if there is a relationship where the woman wants to make a career, irrespective of developments on family front, and the man is uncomfortably laidback and just wants to have fun? It can, feel experts who give their take on this role reversal: Because 1 as already stated he wasn't "obese" before. When I started working, I felt I was leading a stagnant life, so I decided to quit and start my own work at home. We were on a hike when I told my dad I wanted to leave my husband. He says he wants x job and wishes he had more money, so in my mind i say heres the plan to make it happen go execute it. He could typically be affectionate, loyal and fit well into his roles of a loving husband and father, but may not take his career goals seriously. Otherwise it makes them fat, unhealthy, and socially isolated. If women continue to want to marry men who out-earn them, marriage will die out when the average woman makes more money than the average man. But as I say he does talk about wanting to move up and more money and such. Which of course I do get. But then they just never follow through. Your marriage is important: And I really would probably never say anything if he seemed happy enough, unless he asked me to, if I had the ability right now to go earn more money. TNN Jun 22, , Watch out for these warning signs: I thought having an unambitious husband would be just fine. Both of you seem to have given up the idea of doing things for each other or just spending some quality time together. You know each other the best, then why not turn around small differences and help each other through the weaknesses? Its not that I shouldn't be with him so please everyone just stop saying "well you shouldn't have married him then" thats not helpful in anyway, I did marry him and Im not gonna bail over something like this I had just hoped for some advice on how to help, how to approach the subject, mainly because I dont think like him. Your clicks keep us alive! I like going out with friends and having fun. I have never been one to get so intimidated like that or comfortable. You fell for the person they were, right? Turn the negatives into positives, you can do so by appreciating that your wife is a go-getter and that your husband knows how to live life to the fullest. There is no man, and no romance, I would ever, for a second, choose over the whirlwind, frightening, exhilarating romance that leaving him allowed me to have with myself.

Unambitious husband

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Should you stay with a man that isn't ambitious ?!

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Do women want men who out-earn them because of culture, or is the desire just innate? Help her to loosen up and learn to have fun, while she can help him focus on his work and career.

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