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Those are the questions with which every viable religious movement must wrestle," Bumbaugh has said. For 50 years the UUA has conducted a virtually unprecedented experiment: Guess that makes me a life-long fan--I even have an autographed picture of Walt Frazier, though not sure where it is at the moment. He says the UUA has always shied away from God-talk for fear of offending members and shattering congregations. Green, a political scientist who worked on the Pew studies and has studied the UUA. Nearly 4, Unitarian Universalists gathered in Charlotte, N. Peter Morales, the UUA's current president, calls those trends, as well as the exodus of Americans from most Christian denominations, "an amazing opportunity. Act on the basis of the first two sentences.

Unitarian universalist singles dating

Leaders say its no-religious-questions-asked style positions the UUA to capitalize on liberalizing trends in American religion. A separate Pew survey found that 65 percent believe multiple religious paths can lead to eternal life. But a lack of defined beliefs has led the UUA to lose 85 percent of its young members, according to several reports, said Scott, an active member of his Unitarian Universalist congregation in Rochester, N. Love teaching children how to read. My life is good, so much for which to be thankful. In trying to be all things to everyone, they say, the association risks becoming nothing to anybody. Act on the basis of the first two sentences. John Buehrens, a former president of the UUA. Open and Knicks games since I was five years old. Joined my first USTA team last year. Whom do we serve? Dream of living on a Caribbean Island. Traveling to new places is a passion of mine; it's a great way to learn about other people, cultures, and history. To whom or what are we responsible? I love to play tennis year round; it would be great though not necessary to have my life partner be a tennis partner too! Last big trip was to Thailand — what an adventure! For the animals, my health, and the planet. The number of congregations fell by two, to 1, The city has so much for a culture junkie like me to enjoy— museums, theatre, music, and great vegetarian food feed my soul and are some of the many reasons why I always have a ten-trip Metro North ticket in my purse! Not tethered to my smartphone. Such activism dates to 19th-century Unitarian godfather William Ellery Channing, who argued that the aim of religious life is to encourage public virtue. Michael Franch, an affiliate minister at First Unitarian in Baltimore, has his own credo boiled down to three sentences: The whole association could go toes up if members continue to muffle religious discussion, the report said. Nearly 4, Unitarian Universalists gathered in Charlotte, N. Unitarians, who believe in one God, rather than Christianity's traditional Trinity; and Universalists, who hold that God's salvation extends to all, regardless of race, creed or religion. As usual, progressive politics prevailed, with pledges for an "institutional commitment" to ethical eating, an anti-discrimination rally and a special collection taken for ministry to immigrants.

Unitarian universalist singles dating

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But Bumbaugh has made the rounds recently at regional UUA conferences, encouraging them to publicly wrestle with foundational questions. Nearly 4, Unitarian Universalists gathered in Charlotte, N.

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