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And agape does not come out of us as an interest we have, whether toward people, the good, or anything similar. Bornstein , and William E. It may involve primitive nursing or cooking, and point of contact service work routinely taken on as jobs by non-exemplars. Mankind was my business, the common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance and benevolence were, all, my business. These are quite different orientations, setting different generalizable expectations in oneself and in others. This would leave all sorts of other choices to other rationales or to our discretion that the golden rule does not, placing restraints on the rule that it would not currently acknowledge. In the context of Confucian China, as is still true today, morality consisted of treating people as appropriate to their stations in life—treating a gentleman as a gentleman, a soldier as a soldier, and a slave as a slave; the hierarchy of superior and inferior relationships was perhaps still is is a central principle of Chinese relationships. Treat others as you would choose to be treated in the established social role you each occupy and its legitimate expectations, mother, father, or teacher to children and vice versa, spouses and friends to each other, peer co-workers, supervisor to rank-and-file employees and vice versa, and so forth.

What is the golden rule of confucius

The Rule of Love: The golden rule has a very different meaning when it is a circumscribed, in-group prescription. If capitalist economics is basically about maximizing your gain, not maximizing the gain of your competitors, then you want your competitors to play by the rules while you bend the rules to your advantage. We build rights around it. The near universality of various versions of the Golden Rule point to its enduring importance. If interest were not key to ours and theirs, the golden rule would be moot. The most obvious ethical implication of agape is that it is not socially discriminating. Sibling Rules and Associated Principles The foregoing appeals for feasibility are not primarily defenses of the golden rule against criticism. They prime us to take certain sorts of postures, showing a readiness to cooperate or to ask others if we are being a pest, though we may not succeed even if we try. It follows that we should not do so ourselves—according to the golden rule. Critics jump on this problem, as they should, because the golden rule seems designed to highlight such cases. Along with the silver rule and other similar ideas, the ancient Greek philosophers expressed agape, which also has an underlying principle of love. At the least, we should not impact others negatively, treating their interests as secondary. Rationalist by nature, general theory also assumes that the structure or logic of the rationale is the thing, not its psychological function, emotive effect, or motivational power. Why be led around by the nose of our particular beliefs and interests just because they blare most loudly in our heads? Though we might wish to be treated ideally, we might not wish, or feel able to reciprocate in kind. These also can be used to justify moral rationales. We might then be advised to seek a different approach such as an interpersonal form of participatory democracy, as was previously noted. Instead, perhaps, we might wish to steal it. Where the ethics or ethos of a society is barbaric, and its hierarchies authoritarian, taking perspectives within roles legitimates these characteristics. But wishes, choices, preferences, and feelings of gladness certainly do not seem the same thing. Cannot be a sole guide to action[ edit ] In his book How to Make Good Decisions and Be Right All the Time , philosopher Iain King has argued that " although the idea of mirroring your treatment of others with their treatment of you is very widespread indeed… most ancient wisdoms express this negatively — advice on what you should not do, rather than what you should. Universalization reveals how the basically sound rationale of the golden rule can go unexpectedly awry at full tilt. Can we learn to love others as ourselves over a lifetime? This is an intolerable shortfall for an egalitarian socialization tool. And, arguably, most children already get some such training in school and at home implicitly.

What is the golden rule of confucius

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The categorical imperative is an attempt to identify a purely formal and necessarily universally binding rule on all rational agents. The rule is simply too idealistic; that is its established reputation.

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