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Care should be taken to ensure that excessive force is not used to further damage. Avoid any item of clothing that has elaborate and eye-catching designs around the neck. The use of toothpaste produces the best results if it is done as soon after you got the hickey as possible. Wrapping frozen ice in a towel and pressing on the affected area for an average of twenty minutes, with a break interval of also twenty minutes before applying pressure using frozen ice on the area again. To some, they are something to be proud of and a sign of love while to others they are often not desired and need to be hidden or removed. Aspirin is a well re-known painkiller. However, it is also a good thinner and comes in handy when looking for ways to get rid of a hickey.

What takes away hickies

Put a spoon in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Apply some rubbing alcohol to the affected area using a cotton ball. The heat from the cloth helps to dilate blood capillaries and make way for fresh new blood to circulate to the hickey and clear up the mess. Place the inside of the peel against your skin. Any kind of cold compress will constrict ruptured capillaries and reduce bleeding. It also aids the healing of capillary vessels. However, do not dress in a manner that will attract too much attention. Alternatively, use your hair dryer to heat the area while you massage it with your fingers. However, one should have moisturizing lotion to apply on the area, since alcohol dries up the skin. Leave it in place for 10 to 30 minutes depending on severity of the hickey. To give your partner a hickey, place your mouth on their neck in a kissing shape. It fades with time and does not leave any scar behind. Also, vitamin C has healing properties that will help heal a hickey quickly. You can do this by pulling the skin away from the hickey on opposite ends. Massage on Hiky Massaging the area of the hickey will make it possible for the blood to disperse and the color of the Hickey to start fading. Normally, after forty eight hours, the broken capillaries have healed and the reason for the discoloration is due to the blood clot on the tissues surrounding the broken capillaries. You can take Excedrin or aspirin to increase blood circulation, and your Hickey will heal much quicker. Vitamin K cream helps in absorbing the blood clot on top of the skin and by doing so reduces the intensity of the skin discoloring. Medication Just like any external bruise, medication has little effect in healing a hickey too. Normally, a hickey will take maximum of two weeks to completely heal. Ever wondered why people give hickeys even if it causes so much problem in the real world? Spread an even amount of Vitamin K based lotion or cream to the affected area times daily, until you no longer notice it. Hickeys can cause embarrassment, and the fact that there are so many home remedies out there just qualifies the fact that they can be a nuisance. Turtleneck tops should help in covering the rash. It is seen as the fastest way to get rid of a hickey.

What takes away hickies

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How To Cover A Hickey

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You can also prepare and apply an orange pack directly onto the affected area. The color of the concealer must be lighter than your skin tone.

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