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It was a small budget movie, it was independent, they shot it for 2 million dollars. He was a fun father, that was my buddy. This raised his stock to the point where he landed a role in House Party 3, and his career started to take off. Tweet on Twitter Hailed by some as the next Eddie Murphy, the actor and comedian known as Chris Tucker is an energetic celebrity who has recently been quiet in the world of film. What happened to the star of Friday and the Rush Hour series?

Whatever happened to chris tucker

Chris Tucker, for reasons unknown, put his acting career on hold between the Rush Hour films. He would watch Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor, and would try and copy their styles. Take me back to His last major appearance was in , when he hosted the BET Awards. What happened to him? He died last January, around this time. I didn't choose writing- it chose me. His shows always had a great response. I talk about my life, my experience- I took a lot of time off from doing movies and I traveled the world and made a lot of friends. The power is in our hands. Eventually, it became a good cast. The Source magazine caught up with Tucker in Chicago as he talked about his new projects, President Obama and the last time he cried. Follow him on Instagram , Facebook and Twitter. Laying low, the Georgia native, who was reportedly the highest paid actor in for the wildly successful Rush Hour 3 blockbuster, is back and better than ever. When fans attend a Chris Tucker show, what can they expect? In , Tucker starred alongside Charlie Sheen in Money Talks, a movie about a criminal who makes a deal with a TV newsman for protection from the police and other criminals. When my dad died. Tucker has the resume to back it up. What happened to the star of Friday and the Rush Hour series? Rumors started to circulate; some saying Tucker was dead. Not really, I get excited about the preparation- I do a little bit but not really. Professional ice cream eater. Freshly charged, the Silver Linings Playbook actor is ready to show what comedy has been missing. Where is he today? The film was a massive hit, and he then starred alongside Bruce Willis in another film, The Fifth Element. When he landed the starring gig in the movie Rush Hour, his popularity started to explode.

Whatever happened to chris tucker

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John Witherspoon Tells Why Chris Tucker Wasn't in the "Friday" Sequels

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What happened to the star of Friday and the Rush Hour series?

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