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When the Buddha went to that house, the dog barked at him, and the Buddha said: One should concentrate on the meaning of the words, not on the sound. That is why the Buddha said that beings have kamma as their refuge and will inherit the results of their good and bad actions. Subha did as the Buddha said, hoping to disprove him. The Buddha told him to feed the dog well and then ask him where the money was. It may be more difficult for someone born with disadvantages to make material and spiritual progress, but unless their past obstructive kamma is very heavy it will only be a hindrance, and not an insurmountable barrier. The Buddha explained that some people become angry very easily.

Wholesome person meaning

The direction that life takes is conditioned by kamma accumulated in this life and in preceding lives. Each individual has a unique potential, which may be realised to a greater or lesser extent. In the absence of death-proximate kamma this determines the next rebirth. Very powerful kammas give an inescapable result, but the result of lesser kammas is not definite. They misrepresent the Buddha by saying that all striving is suffering. The evil effects are disorder of the bodily organs and incredibility. What Kamma is Not Kamma is not fatalism. So to understand kamma properly we must examine our motives. The evil effects of lying are: Past kamma is very significant because it determines where we are reborn, whether we are wealthy, healthy, intelligent, good-looking, etc. So we should do as much good kamma as we can, we should not do any more bad kamma at all, and we should cultivate knowledge, wisdom, and awareness so that we know the difference, and can control our emotions. If a bad person is reborn as a human being due to one wholesome kamma, they can enjoy all the benefits that human existence has to offer, getting a rare chance to learn the Dhamma, but their previous bad kamma will cause many difficulties and obstructions. It is the inner intention that the Buddha called kamma, not the outward deed. Why are some people ugly, while others are beautiful? This kamma is also only mental. Those who abstain from killing, and have compassion for living beings, are reborn in the celestial realms. Facets of Buddhism, Ven. Everything must be left behind — except for kamma. The discourse goes on the analyse the fruits of giving, first to an animal, then to human beings with increasing virtues and spiritual attainments. If all the good people leave a city, only fools and rogues will remain. Shoes, head coverings, and weapons should be removed. Seeing the dog on the heap of ashes, Subha was worried. If one does not understand what a monk says, or disagrees, one should ask pertinent questions. Giving food to an animal gives a result a hundred times greater than the food given. The Buddha states that he sees the destiny of beings as clearly as a man would see people coming and going between houses with open doors. We have to travel the path by our own efforts. During the time of the Buddha, a Brahmin millionaire named Todeyya did not believe in giving charity.

Wholesome person meaning

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What Is The Definition Of Wholesome?

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When they are reborn again as human beings, they enjoy long lives.

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