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In the meantime, a die-hard team of ex-developers, who are now neither employed nor paid, have volunteered to keep the game up for as long as the servers have been paid for. You can get different pets and mounts by catching tamable monsters throughout the world. They are skilled with them in melee, but can also summon and hurl swords made of lightning or ice. When I first heard about the seeming lack of customization in Zentia, I knew from experience that this only meant each character would probably start off looking similar but be customizable inside the game. Zentia is a game that took a lot of chances and played differently from most games. New players choose one of 24 pre-made characters, each of which represents a different immortal hero sent to banish the world of demons. Both announcements surprised me, but these days there are so many games in so many different genres across so many different devices that any game that becomes successful is somewhat of a triumph. In the meanwhile, I'm not deleting any games or wiping out any bookmarks


We worked long and hard to save the company but finally had to accept the realities of the situation. Once he commits himself to such a cause, the Wanderer is an unstoppable force for good. The big differences come in the almost infinite combinations of items and weapons each character might use. They are also thought to be especially effective against fire, thieves and ghosts. Though challenging to the impatient, the Curious Child is thoughtful, active and impressively competent in a wide array of situations. Heck, a representative from an international games group told me at E3 a few years ago that hundreds MMOs were due out of the East within that year alone. Tigers are, in fact, most admired for being fierce and overbearing toward their enemies, but gracious and compassionate toward their loved ones. Individual mounts can carry anywhere from one to ten players. They can burn down a single target quickly but should be wary of tougher enemies or groups of enemies. Transport mounts cannot attack, get no active skills, and do not give stat bonuses. This includes a new zone called Meteor Plain where a meteor created a new area where new environments and monsters lurk. Games like Ryzom , Mabinogi , and Zentia are worlds, not just a series of instant adventures tuned for those who want bigger and better armor. It was E3 of Their summoned allies can damage enemies while they themselves join in melee combat, stay back and use ranged attacks, or even heal their allies. The Young Prince asks a lot of those around him, but this is nothing compared to the perfection he demands of himself. Along with a guild comes a guild city which holds quests, instances, and NPC's. Class Overview[ edit ] This overview consist of a few highlights of each class. Pets are passive companions they do not attack and cannot be targeted. If you like being very tough in combat and healing the party this is your class. Players will be one of these 22 heroes as these are the 22 character models you use to create your character. Enraged, he revoked their immortal status and told them in no uncertain terms that unless they cleaned up every single Demon dropping, there would be no access to immortality, no hope for the future of humanity, and no dessert before bedtime. If you like summoning pets to control the battlefield, this is your class. I certainly hope so. Though it is sometimes a surprise to see a Crone instigating warfare, it should never be surprising to see one stifle it. Windows SYNOPSIS Zentia is a free to play MMO game which features a humorous comic book style in 3D, unique characters, and a unique social leveling feature that requires the entire community to work together to open higher level game content. Though gentle and unassuming, the Maiden Fair is above all honest. Features[ edit ] Zentia features a humorous comic book style in 3D, unique characters, and a unique social leveling feature that requires the entire community to work together to open higher level game content.


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We claim we need something new and different, but we flock to games like Star Wars:

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